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Confidential Engagements for the Transformational Age

Katie Dreke
Global Strategy & Innovation Consultant

DRKE bridges brand, systems-thinking, digital transformation and story-craft to design emotionally meaningful and financially powerful experiences for human beings and planet Earth.

Over the past 25+ years I have guided all flavor and manner of traditional and experimental work for the world’s most influential brands.

My experience is broad and intersectional which enables me to cross pollinate insights and innovations across regions, sectors and consumer groups while leveraging deep expertise in: Global Brand Strategy, Digital Experience, DTC Business Models, Membership, Consumer Insight, Product Innovation, emerging Web3 mechanics, and the Modern Integrated Marketplace.

_ I translate future uncertainty into present day actions.
_ I reduce blindspots, and illuminate new white spaces.
_ I stitch together formerly disparate aspects of the Product & Brand expression into a single unified whole.

I believe that brands should be future focused, actively participating in the positive progression of culture and society, and applying ethical planet-centered design towards the solving of meaningful problems.

Having lived and worked in America, The Netherlands, Australia and Japan I bring an instinctively international and culturally nuanced perspective to every conversation and opportunity.

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